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about us


OUCU Board of Directors

Chuck Culp
Chuck Culp, Chairperson

Thom Luce Photo
 Thom Luce, Vice Chairperson

Bob Courtney Photo
Bob Courtney, Treasurer

 Ann Cunningham Photo

 Ann Cunningham, Director

Barbara Reeves Photo

Barbara Reeves, Director


Karen Deardorff, Director

Tom Perry
Tom Perry, Director

Ken Cutright, Director

Shane Foster, Secretary

Supervisory Audit Committee

John A. Goodwin, Chairperson
Toni Jago Holdcroft
Ann Stott
Bruce Tong

CUSO Board of Directors

Kim Bonewit, Chairperson
Don Horak, Vice Chairperson
Chuck Harrington, Treasurer
Barbara Reeves, Secretary
Ann Cunningham, Director
Cory Corrigan, Director
Tom Perry, Director

Crewson Foundation Board of Directors

Thom Luce, Chairperson
Chuck Culp, Vice Chairperson
Bob Courtney, Treasurer
Ann Cunningham, Secretary
Phil Meyer, Director

Nominating Committee

Adam Calhoun
Jennifer L'Heureux
Ted Reed
Breanne Sisler
Alex Tyre

Crewson Scholarship Committee

Pamela Sue Dillon
Don Flournoy
Joanne L'Heureux
Patti McSteen
Teresa Tedrow