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Visa Debit Rewards Card

This debit rewards card is available upon request when you open your S70 Dividend Checking account.

How to earn points:

Use a pen...not the PIN
Your signature, not your PIN number, is the key to earning rewards for all your qualified debit purchases! You'll earn 1 reward point for every $3 you spend.

SWIPE your VISA debit rewards card
CANCEL for PIN option and select "credit".
SIGN your sales receipt. In some cases, like at the gas pump, you won't need to sign anything. Always remember to select "credit"

Redeem your CUReward points for:

  • Visit CURewards.com and register in the "New Members" box to establish your new rewards login and password, or you can just browse the catalog.
  • Travel including airfare & more
  • Gift Cards 
  • Extensive selection of great merchandise and experiences
  • Discounts and benefits on OUCU products and services

OUCU Product and Service Reward Redemption for OUCU Debit Rewards & Visa Platinum Rewards Points

Redemption Item Point Value
Loan Rate Discount 1,000 points = .02
Certificate Rate Increase 1,000 points = .01
Closing Cost Discount $100 = 10,000 points
Senior Associate Trip $25 = 2,500 points
Tax Preparation $50 = 5,000 points, $0.01 = 1 point
GAP Insurance 29,900 points
Domestic Wire Fee 1,500 points
Safe Deposit Box 3 x 5 1,605 points
Safe Deposit Box 3 x 10 3,210 points
Safe Deposit Box 5 x 10 5,350 points
Safe Deposit Box 10 x 10 10,700 points

Redemption products and values are subject to change at any time. Bonus points over three years old will expire each December 31. Real estate loans and credit cards excluded from rate discount. New loans and services only.

Zero Liability

Visa's Zero Liability policy guarantees that you won't be held responsible for fraudulent charges made with your card or account information. Be sure to review your monthly statement and report any fraudulent charges to OUCU. See the brochure you receive with your card for more information.

Verified by Visa

For secure purchasing at selected online merchants, be sure to register your debit card with Verified by Visa.