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Frequently Asked Questions

What are CUAlerts?

CUAlerts is a service that allows you to create specific event-triggered notifications for your OUCU accounts. Notifications are sent as an email or text/email message on supported mobile devices. You can set up notifications for the following: Payroll/ACH Credits, Deposit Account Balance, Loan Account Balance, Loan Payment Due, Certificate Maturing, Checks Cleared, Insufficient Funds, Automatic Withdrawals, Bill Payment, Mortgage Payment, Debit Card Transactions, or Personal Alerts.

Is there a cost to use CUAlerts?

No, this is a free service for OUCU members. (Note: standard text message rates apply if you choose your mobile phone as a means of notification.)

How do I access CUAlerts?

After you sign-on to CATs Online, click the "CUAlerts" option located along the top menu bar.

How do I sign up for CUAlerts?

To sign-up for CUAlerts, sign-on to CATS Online, click the “CUAlerts” option located along the top menu bar, and then proceed with the enrollment instructions as indicated. You will be asked to read and agree to the CUAlerts terms and conditions and enter/verify your primary email address. Once that is done, an activation code is sent to the email address you specified. You must enter that activation code on the CUAlerts page so that you can set up and receive notifications.

How do I activate the primary email address?

Open the confirmation email that was sent to the primary email address you specified. In the email you will see an activation code that you must enter in CUAlerts in order to activate your primary email address. (Note: Without activating your email address, you will not be able to receive any of the account alerts.)

If I did not receive an activation code, can it be resent?

If you did not receive the activation code the first time, or you deleted the message, you can click the “Send Again” button on the activation page to have the activation code resent.

How do I set up CUAlerts notifications?

To set up alerts, sign-in to CUAlerts and click the “Create New Account Alert” button. You are then able to select the alert type, the delivery address for the alert, and the notification criteria.

How do I add additional email addresses and phone numbers?

You may set up to receive alerts on as many email addresses and mobile devices as you would like.
To add a new email address, click the “Alert Addresses” tab at the top of the page. Under the “Alternate Email Addresses” section, click the “Add New” button. Enter a name for this address, the email address in the boxes provided. An activation code will be sent, and you must enter that in the box provided in order to start receiving notifications at this email address.
To add a new phone number, click the “Alert Addresses” tab at the top of the page. Under the “Mobile Devices” section, click the “Add New” button. Enter a name for this alert address, along with the mobile number and service provider. Your activation code will be sent to this device and must be entered in CUAlerts in order to start receiving text message notifications.

How do I delete an email address or phone number?

You can delete an email address or phone number by selecting the check boxes in the far left column and clicking the “Delete” button.

What types of alerts can I set up with CUAlerts?

There are 12 types of alerts that you can set to be notified of the status of your accounts:
  • Payroll/ACH Credits
  • Deposit Account Balance
  • Loan Account Balance
  • Loan Payment Due
  • Certificate Maturing
  • Checks Cleared
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Automatic Withdrawals
  • Bill Payment Notification
  • Mortgage Payment
  • Debit Transactions
  • Personal Alerts

    Credit card alerts: Credit card alerts are available when you log into our online credit card information
  • For a description of each alert, check out our CUAlert info page.

How do I add an alert?

Once you are logged on to CUAlerts click on the “Create New Account Alert” at the top left corner of the page. Use the drop down to choose the type of alert you would like. Then check the box next to the email addresses and mobile devices where you would like to receive this alert and click “Continue.” You will be asked to complete any customization that is available for this notification. Make sure the box next to “Enable Notification” is checked, and click “Continue.”

How do I disable alerts without deleting them?

To disable an alert click the bell icon to the left of the alert and make sure it changes from yellow to gray. To enable this alert click the bell icon again so that it’s color changes from gray to yellow.

How do I delete alerts?

You can delete alerts by selecting the checkboxes in the far left column and clicking the "Delete" button.

Which accounts can notifications be set up for?

Notifications can be set up for all OUCU accounts, except credit cards.

How do I change an address that notifications are sent to?

To change the address notifications are sent to, click the “Alert Addresses” option from the top menu. You are then able to edit existing addresses or create a new one.

Are my member account numbers protected in the CUAlerts notifications?

Member account numbers do not display fully in notifications. Product codes and account names help you identify which of your accounts a notification is for.

Can joint account holders receive the same notifications that primary account holders receive?

Joint account holders may receive the same CUAlerts notifications that primary account holders receive. You can arrange this by adding the address of a joint account holder as an alternate delivery address (from the “Alert Addresses” menu option). Please note that alerts can only be created for accounts held under a primary member number.

How often are notifications sent?

Depending on the notification selected, CUAlerts allows you to specify how many times you would like notifications sent, on a per day or per week basis. You can edit this by clicking the notification description from the list of all notifications you have created. You can also choose to receive a notification only once, instead of a designated number of times per day or week.

How do I cancel/opt out of CUAlerts?

Once you are within CATS Online and signed in to CUAlerts, you can cancel your service by clicking the “Cancel Service” option from the tabs at the top of the page.

What are the system requirements for CUAlerts?

CUAlerts requires a valid email address or valid mobile device text/email address. If you use a spam blocker, you should allow emails from addresses using the oucu.org domain.

If I use CUAlerts, will OUCU share any addresses I provide with other third-parties or use them for purposes other than CUAlerts notifications?

Any addresses provided will solely be used for CUAlerts notifications and will not be shared or used for any other purposes. You can refer to our Privacy Policy for additional information.