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Visa Debit and Visa Debit Rewards Card

This is the card that works like a credit card, but acts like a check. Use it at merchants that accept Visa and the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your OUCU checking account. The checking card can also be used at ATMs displaying the STAR, PLUS, or Visa logos. We will waive the $.50 charge on your first 5 non-OUCU ATM transactions in the month. Be aware that if you use an ATM owned by another institution, they may impose an additional surcharge.

Our Visa debit rewards card is available upon request with your S70 checking account.

LOST/STOLEN Visa debit phone number 1-800-500-1044

Direct Deposit

Electronic deposit of your pay or government check is easy, convenient and safe. To sign up for direct deposit of your pay, contact your company's payroll department. For direct deposit of a government check such as Social Security, call Membership Services at (740) 597-2800 or visit Go Direct.

Our routing number: 244273826

Payroll Deduction

With payroll deduction, you can have a portion of your pay go directly into an OUCU savings account or toward repayment of your OUCU loan. Payroll deduction is currently available for the following groups:

Automatic Transfers

Automatic transfers can help you save or repay your OUCU loan. Set up automatic transfers, for example, from your checking account to a Special Share savings account. Contact our Membership Services department or the loan department to get started.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) The credit union offers members the opportunity to sign up for $1,000 of free AD&D coverage. Additional coverage is also available at competitive group rates.

Notary Public

Designated employees are able to notarize a member's signature free of charge.

Signature Guarantee

Typically used in the transfer of securities, signature guarantee service is also available to members free of charge.

Safe Deposit Boxes

3 x 5 $ 15.00
3 x 10 $ 30.00
5 x 10 $ 50.00
10 x 10 $100.00

Prices do not reflect 7.00% sales tax.

Discount Legal Services

Credit union corporate attorney, Garry Hunter, is available to provide members free consulting time and a discount on regular prices of the most-needed legal services. In addition to the services listed below, members are allowed one free 10-minute telephone consultation about any legal subject.

  • Preparation of deed, mortgages, & powers of attorney - $10 off
  • Real estate title searches (full search), dissolution of marriage, and incorporation of business - $50 off
  • One durable power of attorney - $20
  • Two (2) reciprocal durable powers of attorney - $25
  • Declaration of living will - $20
  • Two (2) reciprocal declarations of living will - $25
  • One simple will - $70
  • Two (2) reciprocal wills for husband and wife - $75

Please contact attorney Hunter's office for further information by calling 740.592.5580, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Purchase Foreign Currency

We have partnered with Travelex, the world's leader in foreign currency and travel cash products to offer you My Travel Wallet Services.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers allow you to transfer money from one institution to another. The following instructions are needed for wire transfers to your OUCU account. Please note that these account numbers are only for use with wire transfers.

Wiring Address: Corporate One Credit Union
8700 Orion Place
Columbus, Ohio 43240
Routing or ABA Number: 244084264
For credit to: Ohio University Credit Union
Account Number: 244273826
For Final Credit to: Member Name and Account Number

It is important to give the transferring institution all of the instructions to ensure the wire is delivered properly to your Credit Union account.

There is no charge for an incoming wire. There is a $15 charge for a domestic outgoing wire. A wire is considered domestic if the financial institution has a routing or ABA number.
While we are no  longer able to offer outgoing international wires due to regulations, we still accept incoming international wires.

For added security, we encourage members to have passwords set up with their phone service carriers to prevent scammers from using their member information to forward wire authentication phone calls to themselves.