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Resources for Teachers and Educators

We're committed to financial education and bettering the financial well-being of the community. We  strongly believe in the value of teaching students about money, which is why we offer free teaching materials and resources.

Mad City Money Program

Mad City Money, for middle school and high school students, is a two-hour interactive event that gives students hands on real world experience. Students are assigned a career with a coordinating salary and family status. They are then challenged to visit stations to purchase necessities such as housing, child care, food, and more - all while having at least $100 to put into savings at the end. If you would like OUCU to bring this program to your classroom, contact Heidi Sochia at (740) 597-2853 or marketing@oucu.org.

High School Financial Planning Program

From the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), the High School Financial Planning program is a seven-unit course that teaches the fundamental sills of sound money management and the basic concepts of financial planning.

The educational materials, including a teacher's manual and student workbooks, for this program are provided to your school absolutely free of charge! Contact Heidi Sochia at (740)597-2853 marketing@oucu.org for more information, or to order materials.

Guest Speakers

If you are interested in having a speaker from the credit union visit your classroom, please contact Heidi Sochia at (740)597-2853 or marketing@oucu.org. The presentations can be made to any age group, from elementary to college level (and beyond!), and may be about a variety of topics, such as

  • Managing a Checking Account
  • How to Write a Check
  • The Importance of Budgeting
  • The Importance of Saving
  • Ways to Avoid the Credit Card Trap

Thrive by Five

Thrive by Five is for pre-school aged children. It is a series of lessons and activities that adults can use to teach money basics to small children. If you're interested in more information contact Heidi Sochia at (740)597-2853 marketing@oucu.org