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Resources for Teachers and Educators

We're committed to financial education and bettering the financial well-being of the community. We  strongly believe in the value of teaching students about money, which is why we offer free teaching materials and resources.


Preschool and Kindergarten

Thrive by Five is for pre-school aged children. It is a series of lessons and activities that adults can use to teach money basics to small children. If you're interested in more information contact Heidi Sochia at (740)597-2853 marketing@oucu.org


Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade

FETCH (Financial Education Teaches Children Healthy Habits)teaches kids basic financial literacy concepts to help them manage their money later in life. It’s a fun, interactive board game that teaches children in 5th and 6th grade about the importance of budgeting, saving and spending. Guided by credit union staff, students form competitive teams for an adventure through a dog park where they must purchase items for their dog and save as much money as possible, while encountering a mixture of risks and rewards along the way. This game is geared toward 5th and 6th graders, but is also suitable for 3rd and 4th graders in gifted/advanced math programs.


Great Minds Think: A Kid's Guide to Money

Great Minds Think: A Guide to Money, a financial literacy activity book for kids, is a great tool to help teach the basic concepts of financial decision making, like earning, budgeting, spending and saving money! It can also be sent home to show parents how to start a conversation about financial responsibility.

Published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Learning Center, Great Minds Think includes several lessons on money management followed by exercises that reinforce the concept. It has been used by teachers and parents to help more than 180,000 kids understand the value of money. To order workbooks, please contact Heidi Sochia at (740) 597-2853 or marketing@oucu.org.



Middle and High School

Banzai Online Financial Education Program

Banzai is an online financial literacy program geared toward middle school students (grades 6-8). This fun, flexible and realistic program can be completed along with an existing lesson plan or outside of class. Students use the Banzai website and a workbook to complete financial life scenarios, including lessons about taxes, paying bills, using credit and savings. The students can also play an online game; to win you have to save enough money to register for college! Teachers can set the pace for program completion. For more details, contact Heidi Sochia at (740) 597-2853 or marketing@oucu.org  or visit http://oucu.teachbanzai.com to order the program for your students!

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Mad City Money Program

Mad City Money is a real life simulation that teaches students about money management in a fun setting. Designed for grades 8-12, this hands-on activity gives students a taste of the real world, complete with occupation, salary, spouse, medical insurance payments and debt. Students visit "stores" using checks and debit cards to purchase housing, transportation, food, clothing, day care, etc. Mad City is an excellent way to introduce students to challenges they will face in the real world by allowing them to learn, make mistakes, and see the consequences of their decisions in a realistic and entertaining environment. 

Time needed: approximately 2.5 hours

If you would like OUCU to bring this program to your classroom, contact Heidi Sochia at (740) 597-2853 or marketing@oucu.org.

Please schedule at least four weeks in advance of desired date.


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Build a Budget Workshop

Our Build a Budget Workshop is similar to Mad City, but presented in a condensed format. Students receive their occupation and monthly salary, and then create a budget based on expenses provided by the OUCU presenter. This budgeting excercise is a great way to introduce students to money management in one class period.


High School Financial Planning Program

From the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), the High School Financial Planning program is a seven-unit course that teaches the fundamental skills of sound money management and the basic concepts of financial planning for 11th and 12th graders.

The educational materials, including a teacher's manual and student workbooks, for this program are provided to your school absolutely free of charge! Contact Heidi Sochia at (740)597-2853 marketing@oucu.org for more information, or to order materials.



Guest Speakers

If you are interested in having a speaker from the credit union visit your classroom, please contact Heidi Sochia at (740)597-2853 or marketing@oucu.org. The presentations can be made to any age group, from elementary to college level (and beyond!), and may be about a variety of topics, such as

  • Money management

  • How to Write a Check

  • The Importance of Budgeting and Saving

  • Credit scores and how to use credit wisely

We can also tailor a presentation to fit the needs of your classroom curriculum.