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Bill Pay Promotion - Win a Weekend Getaway!

Pay a bill online from Jan. 1 - Feb. 15 and you'll automatically be entered to win a 3 day/2 night getaway!

Package includes: 2 nights accomodations for 2 adults/3 children, complimentary breakfast and complimentary round of golf or ski lift tickets for 2. Choose from over 200 destinations!

Package expires 7/1/2018. No purchase necessary, send postcard to 944 E. State St., Athens OH 45701


Be Aware of Debit & Credit Card Fraud

There are already reports of card fraud in Athens area. This fraud affects all debit & credit card users from all financial institutions, not just OUCU. Here are some helpful tips:

LOOK CLOSELY WHEN INSERTING YOUR CARD -- especially at gas pumps

In August, the Athens Police found credit/debit card skimming devices on local gas pumps. This device allows fraudsters grab your card data. Carefully look at the card devices especially at gas stations and ATMs before inserting. Select ‘credit’ even if using a debit card.

Read: Guard Your Card

Receive emails or texts whenever your debit or credit card is used.

Debit Alerts:
In online banking, choose ‘CU Alerts’, then “Add New”. You can set it up to be notified anytime your card is used at an ATM or item is purchase over $.01. Call us immediately if you suspect an issue; after hours call (866) 820-1042.

Credit Alerts:
Login to your credit card account; under ‘communications’ select ‘Visa transaction alerts’ and follow the instructions. You may need to “add a new delivery destination” to add a mobile phone number or email (however you would like to receive your alerts).

You're covered in the event your card information is used to commit fraud.

Always review your account transaction activity frequently, in online or mobile banking. Be sure to look at your statement monthly.


Cell Phones for Soldiers Program

OUCU has partnered with GM and Invest in America to help collect old cell phones. The donated phones are sent to ReCellular, which pays Cell Phones for Soldiers for each phone -- the money is used to purchase pre-paid calling cards which are sent to troops.

Cell phone donations are accepted at both OUCU branches. You can even donate phones that are no longer in working condition -- they will be dismantled and recycled to reclaim some materials.

For more information contact marketing@oucu.org