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Traveling abroad

International Travel Information

We encourage you to be financially prepared before you travel abroad. As always, don't hesitate to contact us for further information.


Due to the number of fraudulent transactions coming from the following countries:

UK - cash advances, please call for more information
Portugal - cash advances, please call for more information

We recommend you bring multiple forms of payment (cash, credit cards, debit cards, etc.) when traveling abroad. Please call us before you travel and we can give you a more recent update on the situation.

Using Your Visa Credit Card and/or Debit Card Abroad

It is a very good idea to let the Credit Union know if you will be traveling abroad. We can work with the VISA networks to make sure that your card works smoothly and dependably in the area wherever you are heading. Just call us at 597-2800 or 1-800-562-8420. Also, many retailers abroad only accept the new "chip & pin" credit cards. We are currently researching this option.

ATM Locations

Visa ATMs
Other machines that can be used with your Visa debit card or STAR ATM card:

Star ATMs
Alliance One

Additional note on debit card usage: Because a Visa debit card is attached to your Credit Union checking/savings accounts, it's always a good idea to carry multiple forms of payment/cash in the event your card should become lost or stolen. Consider also carrying an OUCU credit card for purchases, ATM usage, and cash advances abroad.

Advice on ATMs Abroad:

Be aware that ATM machine operations and regulations vary from country to country and bank to bank. Here is a list of items to be aware of:

  • Daily withdrawals may also limited to fixed amounts determined both by the credit union and the bank that operates the machine
  • Systems may have weekly limits as to how much cash a cardholder can withdrawal
  • The cost of cash can vary
  • Many banks charge fixed fees of up to $3 per transaction.
  • And of course, cards can be lost or stolen.

Wise travelers always have other cash options available whenever and wherever they go.

Note that ATM machines abroad only use numerals, so make sure you know the numeric equivalent of your four-letter PIN, if you currently use all letters.

Lost or Stolen Card Information

If your cards are stolen while on vacation, please contact the Credit Union as soon as possible at 1-800-562-8420 or memberservices@oucu.org. If that is not possible, please call the appropriate numbers listed below:

  • In the US: Lost or Stolen Visa Credit Card (800) 449-2449
  • Abroad; Lost or Stole Visa Credit Card - call collect (727) 299-2449
  • After Hours: Lost Stolen Visa Debit card  (866) 820-1042

My Travel Wallet Services

We have partnered with Travelex, the world's leader in foreign currency and travel cash products to offer you My Travel Wallet Services.

Purchase Foreign Currency

  • All legitimate orders are 100% guaranteed
  • More than 70 different currencies are available.

You can pay for your order with your credit or debit card. A payment by a credit card will be treated as a cash advance and interest will begin to accrue at the purchase date. They do not buy back foreign currency at this time.

REMEMBER: When purchasing foreign currency using a debit card, you can only purchase up to $1,500. Please contact the credit union at 740.597.2800 if you need to make a larger debit card purchase.

Foreign Exchange Rates

Federal Reserve Exchange Rates
Universal Currency Exchange Rates