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Financial Basics

Learning how to make sense of your money doesn’t have to be boring. Bite-sized episodes and articles explain the basic (and sometimes not-so-basic) concepts around important financial topics like budgeting, credit, saving, investing, and retirement. Follow Jen on her journey to through the world of personal finance – and meet some funny friends along the way. Because everything is better with cartoons.


Choosing Your Financial Institution

Credit unions and banks may offer essentially the same products and services, but there are big differences in the way they operate. Why does that matter to you? Well, those differences can impact the fees you pay, the interest rates you get on your loans and accounts, as well as the help you get to resolve issues or reach your goals.

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Breakdown of a Credit Score

Many people know what a credit score is, but few understand what makes up this mysterious and powerful number. Your score can have a big impact on your life. It can influence whether or not you get a loan for that new car or house you’ve been dreaming of – and it can determine how much that loan will cost you. When we understand what goes into our score, we can have more control over how it impacts our life.

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Foiling Identity Theft

Reports of identity theft increase each year. It costs victims, from all over the world, billions of dollars and countless hours to recover. When you know what identity thieves want and how they’ll try to get it, you can protect yourself and your personal information.

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Emergency Fund Boot Camp

Everyone faces unexpected expenses from time to time. Maybe you are driving down the road when – thunk! – you hit a pothole and damage your tire, or you face a costly vet bill when a pet gets sick. Creating an emergency fund can give you peace of mind when unexpected expenses arise while helping you avoid debt.

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Leasing vs Buying a Car

Whether to purchase or lease your next car is just one of the many decisions you’ll face when getting a new vehicle. Both options have their benefits. The one that’s right for you will depend on how much you want to spend on a down payment, monthly payments, and how you plan to use your use your vehicle.

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Common Money Beliefs

Even if we don’t realize it, how we think and feel about money can influence how we spend or save. When we know our money personality, we can make better decisions and break bad habits so that we have a better chance of reaching our financial goals.

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Investment Vehicles

Smart investments give us the best chance to reach our long-term goals, like saving for retirement or a child’s education. Unfortunately, for many people, investing can seem complicated and risky. To cut through the confusion, we should start by getting to know the most common ways that we can grow our dollars. That will also help us see how we can use these different investment types to manage risk.

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