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The Loan Is Right!

Come on down!

Take your auto loan for a spin and you could win a rate discount or even $100 cash.
Plus, every spin wins an OUCU stainless steel travel mug to use in your new car or truck!


How does it work?
If you've already picked out the vehicle you want call us at 740.597.2800, stop in or apply online
If you're ready to go shopping, apply before you go so have a better idea what you can afford.

Once you're approved, you can spin the wheel and win:

  • a rate discount of .10%, .20%, .30%
  • $50
  • $100
Applying online or in person? If you aren't coming in to the office we'll spin it for you!

For even more convenient service, no matter where you live, we offer secure electronic signature service. This allows you to electronically sign for your loan right at your own computer.

Paying back your loan is easy with OUCU!
We can set up automatic payments from an account or payroll deduction. Plus, you can check your loan status at anytime in online banking.

Not a member? You can join, really!

Use our online request form  or read more about becoming a credit union member. Start saving money today!

Subject to credit approval. New loans only. Wheel offers are rate discounts (2) .10%, (2) .20%, (2) .30%, or cash (1) $50 (1)$100. Cash will be deposited in your S01 account when your loan funds are disbursed. Federally insured by NCUA. Membership required. Offer ends 3/31/17.


OUCU Advantage Auto Loan

Would you love a new vehicle, but hate wrangling over financing?

For many, buying a vehicle is their second biggest investment. Let us help you navigate your next purchase so that you get a vehicle that you can love and afford.

Preapproval lets you know before you go

Be prepared! When you apply for preapproval you simplify the buying process and empower yourself to get the best deal.

Step 1Call us or apply online

Let us know how much you want to spend, or how much you can afford each month. No need to have your vehicle picked out.

Step 2:  We’ll get an answer for you fast!

Let the dealer know you’re a qualified buyer with our preapproval letter; ask the dealer to send us the purchase agreement.
Working with an individual seller? We can help you complete the sale.

Step 3:  Sign at a branch or on the go

 Complete your documents in person, or use our secure e-sign process no matter where you are.


The money smart choice

  • OUCU new car rates as low as 2.49%apr
  • No application fee/prepaid finance charge
  • No prepayment penalities



Exclusive auto programs

Fleet Pricing

Through an exclusive partnership with Taylor Motors, Joseph Auto Group and Mark Porter Autoplex, OUCU has secured special pricing just for our members. Visit our member deals page.


Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Lending

Looking at new or used electric or hybrid vehicles? You may qualify for a 0% apr loan through our partnership with UpGrade Athens County. EV lending information



Protect your investment and your wallet

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) can protect your family, your vehicle and your credit rating
If your vehicle is declared a total loss, your auto insurance settlement may not cover the full balance of your loan. A GAP policy can pay off the difference between your primary insurer's settlement and the loan balance, plus give you $1000 toward the purchase of your next vehicle when financed with OUCU.

Coverage also includes Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR). ADR will pay you back, up to $500, when you file a claim on your comprehensive or collision auto insurance coverage.
The claim must exceed your primary insurance deductible amount on a vehicle that is registered in the name of the GAP holder and covered by the GAP holder’s insurance. This coverage can reduce or eliminate your out-of-pocket expense if you need to file an insurance claim, and help you get back on the road.

GAP coverage is also available for power-sports vehicles, watercraft and recreational vehicles.