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Used Auto Loans

If you’re shopping for a used vehicle, you’ll find a used auto loan is specifically geared toward your situation.
You’ll be able to pay off your loan faster with lower monthly payments when you go used rather than new.

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A used vehicle in good condition will save you thousands, but it can still require some upfront financing. A used auto loan is the perfect way to finance your purchase since you’ll (generally) have shorter terms than new car loans can provide you. 

Some of the advantages of OUCU used auto loans include:

  • Occasionally lower rates than new car loans
  • Shorter terms, meaning you’ll pay your loan off sooner
  • Lower monthly payments due to an overall smaller loan amount
  • Friendly, individualized service from our representatives

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Used Auto Loan Rates

OUCU used auto loans range between 6.24% and 6.99% for vehicles between three and five years old, depending on the term of the loan. Typically, these loans last between 12 and 72 months, with longer terms requiring higher rates.

OUCU used auto loan rates are typically lower than what you’ll find at many other institutions!

It’s worth noting that loans for older cars tend to have significantly higher rates, but at OUCU, you’re still likely to have lower interest rates than you’d get with a traditional bank.

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Used Auto Loan Resources

Not sure what terms you’re looking for when qualifying for a used auto loan? The following resources may help you figure out what’s best for you.


Used Auto Loans FAQ

Start Finding The Right Car For You With Used Auto Loan Pre-Approval

As you shop for the right vehicle for your budget, we can help you through used car loan pre-approval. Talk to one of our expert representatives to get started.
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