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Our Volunteers

As a not for profit financial cooperative, our volunteer members play an important role in representing the interests of the membership.

Board of Directors

The Ohio University Credit Union Board of Directors is the governing body of the Credit Union. Each board member is elected by the membership to serve a three-year term. The board oversees and establishes policies, monitors the credit union’s strategic plan and ensures the credit union is operating in a safe and secure manner.

Culp Pic  

Chuck Culp, Chairperson

Luce Pic  

Thom Luce, Vice Chairperson

Courtney Pic  

Bob Courtney, Treasurer

Karen Deardorff  

Karen Deardorff, Secretary

Reeves Pic  

Barbara Reeves, Director

Shane Foster  

Shane Foster, Director

Perry Pic

Tom Perry, Director

Cutright Pic  

Ken Cutright Director

Cunningham Pic  

Ann Cunningham, Director


Supervisory Audit Committee

The primary objective of the Supervisory Audit Committee is ensure the Ohio University Credit Union is being properly operated in accordance with the Credit Union’s established policies and procedures. 

John A. Goodwin, Chairperson
Toni Jago Holdcroft
Matt Giesey

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee oversees the credit union’s board election process.

Jennifer L'Heureux
Ted Reed
Breanne Sisler
Alex Tyre

CUSO Board of Directors

The Credit Union Service Organization is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OUCU. Its Board of Directors ensures proper operation of the Financial Services department.

Kim Bonewit, Chairperson
Don Horak, Vice Chairperson
Tom Perry, Treasurer
Barbara Reeves, Secretary
Ann Cunningham, Director
Cory Corrigan, Director
John Deno, Director

Crewson Foundation Board of Directors

This board oversees the operations of the Crewson Foundation, our 501 (c) (3) organization which funds our Harry B. Crewson Freshman Scholarships.

Thom Luce, Chairperson
Chuck Culp, Vice Chairperson
Bob Courtney, Treasurer
Shane Foster, Secretary
Cory Corrigan, Director

Crewson Scholarship Committee

This scholarship committee oversees the selection process for the Crewson Freshman Scholarships.

Pamela Sue Dillon
Don Flournoy
Joanne L'Heureux
Patti McSteen
Teresa Tedrow