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Wire Transfers

Transfer money from one institution to another safely and securely.

  • Incoming Wires - No charge
  • Domestic Outgoing Wires* - $15.00

*a wire is considered domestic if the financial institution has a routing or ABA number

Due to regulations, we are not able to offer outgoing international wires. We are still able to accept incoming international wires.


Wire Transfer Instructions

The following instructions are needed for wire transfers to your OUCU account.

Please note: these account numbers are only for use with wire transfers.

Requirement Information
Wiring Address Corporate One Credit Union, 8700 Orion Place, Columbus OH  43240
Routing or ABA Number 244084264
For Credit To OUCU Financial
Account Number 244273826
For Final Credit To Member Name and Account Number

It is important to give the transferring institution all of the instructions to ensure the wire is delivered properly to your OUCU account.

For added security, we encourage members to have passwords set up with their phone service provider to prevent scammers from using their member information to forward wire authentication calls to themselves.

Wire Request Form