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Legal Services

Exclusive Credit Union Member Pricing

OUCU’s corporate attorney, Garry Hunter, offers members a free 10-minute phone consultation on any legal subject.

Members also receive special pricing on a number of commonly needed legal services.

Procedure Update for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a heightened need for the utilization of the OUCU Financial Group Legal services, particularly for general legal advice and for Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney and Wills. The Ohio Department of Health Stay at Home order exempts legal services from the stay at home requirement as an essential service. However, to make the utilization of my legal services as safe as possible, I have instituted work from home for part of my staff and in office work on a more limited basis for the rest of my staff. You may still call my office at 740-592-5580 , however, the number of calls can be overwhelming at this time. I would suggest this service be reserved for making an appointment, or requesting a specific service.

General questions can be texted to my office number of 740-592-5580 and you will entering a private one-on-one chat with me. This Chat service will give you more ready availability to me and your privacy is secure as a one-on-one service. If documents I prepare do not require notarization, I can email to you and you can scan and email back. Shortly, I will have a doc-u-sign service. If I need to meet with you virtually, I have Skype and Google Duo services available. Should a meeting in my office be necessary, I can provide a separate room for you and I will access virtually from another room and you will be supplied necessary paperwork to signed in a sanitary environment. Please note all person visiting my office in person will have their temperature taken via an infrared thermometer.

Thank you,
Garry Hunter, OUCU Group Legal Services Attorney. 


Service Special Member Offer
Preparation of Deed, Mortgage or Power of Attorney $10 off, price depends on service
Real Estate Title Searches (full search), Dissolution of Marriage or Incorporation of Business $50 off, price depends on service
One Durable Power of Attorney $20
Two (2) Reciprocal Durable Powers of Attorney $25
Declaration of Living Will $20
Two (2) Reciprocal Declarations of Living Will $25
One Simple Will $70
Two (2) Reciprocal Wills for Married Couples $75