Night Deposit Service

Spend less time in line!
Place your funds in a secure vault instead of holding them overnight with our night deposit service.

To get started:Night Drop Deposit Bag

1) Visit the specific OUCU branch you will be using to sign an agreement and get your free locking bag.

2) Place your checks, cash and deposit slip in the bag.

3) Deposit the bag in the night drop safe any time. Rest assured, we use dual control to open the safe and process the cash.
Deposit will post by 10 a.m. the next business day.

4) Stop by the branch at your convenience to pick up your bag, receipt and to sign a log book.
Receipt can also be emailed or texted. Sign up for CU Alerts in online banking to let you know when a deposit was made.

Your funds are safe and you’ll spend less time in line!