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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Here's an easy way to save today for a fantastic tomorrow!

We can help set up automatic deposits or transfers to many of these accounts, so your savings continue to build effortlessly. 


Traditional IRA

  • Contributions are tax-deductible 
  • Earnings grow tax-deferred 
  • Tax on all contributions and earnings at withdrawal 

Roth IRA

  • Contributions are not tax-deductible
  • Earnings grow tax-deferred
  • Tax-free withdrawals on qualified distributions
Consult our IRA Retirement Central for tools and calculators.
Feature IRA Passbook Savings IRA Money Max Savings EasySave IRA Certificate IRA Share Certificate
Minimum Deposit $0 $0 $0 $500
Maximum Deposit $0 $0 $6,500 Unlimited
Deposit Timing Anytime Anytime Anytime Upon Opening
Term Unlimited Unlimited 12 Months 12 to 60 Months
Compounding Quarterly Monthly Quarterly Quarterly
APY .10% View Rate Tiers 4.25%  View Rate Tiers

Current Rates


Please consult your tax advisor regarding you specific tax situation.  Must meet IRA eligibility requirements for IRA qualifying contribution amount. APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal on certificates.


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