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Our Story

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In 1955, Dr. Harry Crewson, then professor of economics and later president of Ohio University, strongly believed that Ohio University employees needed a place where they could borrow and save at reasonable rates. "In Athens in 1955, there were at least a couple of Agencies on Court Street, which specialized in lending money at high rates of interest. Also, I was aware that some of the non-academic employees at OU were going to these agencies for loans. From the outset, I envisioned a University Credit Union primarily as an organization that would provide reasonable lending and saving facilities for non-academic University employees," stated Crewson in a 1997 letter to the credit union.

While Crewson was chairman of the Faculty Advisory Council he received a credit union flier from the Ohio Credit Union League. Having a pioneering spirit and an economic background, he knew this was worth trying. With the approval of Ohio University President John Baker and $25 in hand, Crewson and Ohio University Treasurer Paul O'Brien secured a charter from the State of Ohio. OUCU officially opened for business in 1955 in the cashier's office in Ewing Hall. And so began Ohio's first state-chartered university credit union!

What began as one employee working just one or two hours a day has grown to over 100 employees in facilities open five days a week with 24-hour a day, 7 days a week access through twelve ATM machines and account access online and by phone.

By the end of the first year of operation, the credit union had 112 members and $11,879.23 in assets. We now have over 26,000 members $471 million in assets!

We remain through time, people helping people.


OUCU Core Purpose

To promote our members' financial well-being and quality of life.


Our Guiding Principles

INTEGRITYIntegrity Icon
Act in the member’s best interest
Act with honesty & accountability
Act ethically in all actions & interactions


Include & appreciate each other
Communicate with openness, kindness & respect
Encourage ideas


COLLABORATIONCollaboration Icon
Celebrate success & grow from failure
Succeed through teamwork
Support each other in our common goal


COMMUNITYCommunity Icon
Reach out
Embrace differences
Bring people together


DELIVERDeliver Icon
Do what we say we’ll do
Strive for excellence
Raise the standards