Frequently Asked Questions

For Members:  CU Save Local Deal Directory Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I use my CU Save card to redeem all of the discounts listed?

A: The card works for the local deals only.  You must redeem regional and national offers online.

Q: How can I find all the discounts available?

A: It’s simple! Browse the local, regional and national deal directories. If using your phone, download our convenient mobile apps

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Q: How do I get the new CU Save card?

A: If you are a current CU Family Pass user, you should receive your new card by mail. If you had a CU Family Pass card but did not receive a CU Save card by mail please email us at or call 740.597.2800 to request a new card. 

If you are new to the program and would like a CU Save card please visit and click “register now” to complete a short online form. You may also stop by any of our branches to enroll. If you have an OUCU debit card with the CU Save logo, that can also serve as your card. 

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For Merchants:  CU Save Local Deal Directory Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How does the program work? 

A: We designed the local deal directory to raise awareness and increase sales for local businesses. Participating merchants offer a special discount for CU Save members in exchange for a listing in the directory that is maintained on the OUCU website. Members redeem these discounts by showing their CU Save card. OUCU provides marketing support for the CU Save program to drive more traffic to the website and to your business. 

Q: How can my business get listed in the directory?

A: Your directory listing is free – just provide a special promotion or discount for members who use their CU Save card. The offer is entirely up to you. Your directory listing can include your logo, link to your website, offer and contact information. You can change your offer monthly.

Q: How do businesses qualify for the local deal directory?

A: Businesses must have an OUCU checking account, loan, line of credit or credit card in good standing or be a select employee group of the credit union. 

Q: Can I promote CU Save at my place of business?

A: Yes! We will provide you with materials for display.

Q: How do OUCU members register for the card?

A: CU Save is free – current credit union members may register online or in person at any of our branches.  New members are enrolled in the program when they open their accounts. Only OUCU members are eligible. 

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