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Personal Loans

Ohio University Credit Union offers personal loans to help you get the money you need right away. Qualified members can obtain small loans to help them when they need it most. Most loans are quickly deposited into your bank account, allowing you fast access to the loan amount. 

Small personal loans are an ideal option life events, such as:

  • Medical procedures
  • Veterinary care
  • Car service
  • Starting a small business
  • Consolidating credit
  • Pay off credit cards and student loans
  • Events like parties or wedding
  • Special large purchase

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Personal Signature Loans

With a personal signature loan, you can choose to use your money as you see fit. 

This loan is an ideal option for those that are looking to consolidate their debt, make a large purchase, or secure extra income until the next pay period. Personal signature loans can be easily obtained without any collateral. With just your signature, you can have fast access to the loan that you need. 

Personal Signature loans include:

  • A minimum loan amount of $1,000 borrowed
  • No more than $25,000 allowed per loan
  • Up to 60 months repayment terms 

These loans are fixed-rate loans at 8.99% APR. 

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Share Secured Loans

Shared secured loans are an excellent alternative to get the money you need at a low rate. With a shared secured loan, you can borrow money against the amount already in your savings or certificate account.

These loans offer:

  • Between $1,000 and $25,000 available for borrowing
  • Up to 60 months to repay the balance
  • Fixed rates at 3.050%

In the chance that you have deposits that are greater than what you are hoping to borrow, your rate will remain at 3% plus the deposit currently in the account. 

Ohio University Credit Union offers competitive rates for secured loans. 

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CU Cash Now™ 

Have you used a payday advance loan? These loans often come at a very high cost and may negatively affect your credit score. Most payday advances can have up to 800% annual percentage rates and steep penalties if repayment schedules are not adhered to. 

At OUCU, we understand that sometimes there is an immediate need for a cash advance, which is why we offer our CU Cash Now™ option. This personal loan allows our credit union members to obtain a small loan to carry them over until the next pay period. 

CU Cash Now™ loans offer:

  • Up to $500 credit limit
  • 18% APR**
  • Automatic repayment options with a minimum of $20 a month

The CU Cash Now™ is accessible for OUCU members for as low as a $50 annual service fee. This small personal loan can be available to you regardless of your credit history.

Let us work with you to improve your financial situation. 

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Look No Further For The Best Small Personal Loan 

Finding the best small personal loan can be challenging, but with the help of Ohio University Credit Union, you can get the financial guidance you need fast. We are proud to be a trusted personal loan company that offers competitive rates and budget-friendly loan payments for qualified buyers.

OUCU provides quality products and services to our members, including:

Our loan officers can discuss loan terms, interest rates, and payment schedules to help you determine what is the best small personal loan for your needs.


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What Is The Best Small Personal Loan For You?

Personal loans are a great option for life’s unexpected moments. Most loan options from OUCU offer low-interest rates and no prepayment penalties. Our personal loans can be tailored to fit all of your short term and long term financial needs. 

To qualify for a loan with Ohio University Credit Union, you must:

  • Meet minimum credit score requirements
  • Provide proof of income and ability to repay your loan
  • Show proof of your repayment history on your debt
  • Be in good standing with the credit union*

If you have bad credit or if you are looking for a higher loan amount, you can consider cosigning with another person. A loan officer can always help you make smart financial decisions regarding your loans.

Regardless of the loan type or the amount that you are looking to obtain, OUCU can help.

*Must be an OUCU member in good standing for a minimum of 120 days. Member must be in good standing at the time the loan is applied for and each time an advance is made. Member must be employed for a 6-month period, or be receiving verifiable fixed income, must provide proof of income and time on job at the time of application. Member cannot be in the process of filing for bankruptcy. If you make a payment 10 days or more after the due date, you may be charged 5% of the monthly payment amount.
**On a 
$500 loan at 18% with a minimum payment of $20 will take 32 months to pay in full, total finance charge $130.91.