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Personal Loans

OUCU personal loans make it easy to get the cash you need -- when you need it.

Signature Loans

Borrow money to make an important purchase, consolidate debt, or just get extra funds when you need them – no collateral needed! Your signature alone is your promise to repay.


Share Secured Loans

Borrow against money you already have on deposit in your savings or certificate accounts for a great rate.
If your deposits are greater than the amount you wish to borrow, your loan rate will be equal to 3% plus the deposit rate on your account. We've got one of the best rates around!

CU Cash Now

At OUCU, we realize that some of our members are using payday lending outlets or check-cashers to help make ends meet - at a high price and in some cases up to 800% annual percentage rate!

Our CU Cash NowTM line is designed for established members who need a small dollar amount to carry them over until their next regularly scheduled income check or who are looking to rebuild their credit. It is generally available to members regardless of credit history.

  • $50 annual service fee
  • 18% interest rate
  • $500 credit limit
  • Automatic monthly payment - minimum of $20 due by the 20th of each month

We want to assist you in improving your financial condition so that pinch isn't so hard the next time.

*Must be an OUCU member in good standing for a minimum of 120 days. Member must be in good standing at the time the loan is applied for and each time an advance is made. Member must be employed for a 6-month period, or be receiving verifiable fixed income, must provide proof of income and time on job at the time of application. Member cannot be in the process of filing for bankruptcy.


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