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Identity Theft

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Criminals may attempt to use your personal information to fraudulently open accounts and purchase products -- leaving you to pay the bill.

Ohio Attorney General Guidelines

If your purse or wallet is stolen

  • File a police report
  • Send copies of the police report to your financial institution, credit card companies, and insurance company
  • Close credit card and bank accounts
  • Open new accounts opened with new numbers
  • Report lost or stolen credit cards to the three credit bureaus in writing

If you are a victim of identity theft

  • Notify the financial institutions and credit card companies where the fraud occurred
  • Place fraud alerts on your credit reports
  • File report with FTC at www.identitytheft.gov
  • File a police report
  • Send copies of the police report and ID Theft report to your financial institutions, credit bureaus
  • Close accounts and remove fraudulent charges
  • Correct credit report

Warning signs of identity theft

  • Bills from a credit account you did not open;
  • Unauthorized charges on your credit card, or bank accounts;
  • Contact from a collection agency regarding a debt you did not incur;
  • Checks disappear from your checkbook;
  • Billing or account statements do not arrive on time;
  • Credit report shows accounts you did not authorize;
  • You are turned down for credit due to unauthorized debts on your credit report.

ID Theft Resources

OUCU Lost/Stolen Card Numbers

  • Visa Debit Card: 1-866-820-1042
  • After hours Credit Card: 1-800-449-7728
  • During business hours: Call the Credit Union

Credit Bureaus

PO Box 105069
Atlanta, GA 30348
PO Box 9554
Allen, TX 75013
PO Box 2000
Chester,PA 19016