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How to Qualify for a Home Loan - OUCU Financial>

How to Qualify for a Home Loan

February 16, 2024

Discover how to qualify for a home loan as a first-time buyer. Learn about credit scores, loan types, and more with OUCU Credit Union's tailored support.

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Cyber Safety for youths>

Are your kids cyber-safe this school year?

September 8, 2023

Teach your kids these cybersecurity tips to make back-to-school safe and secure.

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Credit Monitoring>

Protect Yourself with Credit Monitoring

June 23, 2023

Identity Theft Happens, Monitoring Your Credit Report Can Protect You from Fraud.

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Tax Scam Image>

Protect Yourself from Tax Season Scams

March 24, 2023

It's tax season, which can be a very busy time. Meanwhile, in the criminal world, fraudsters are busy executing schemes in an attempt to steal your identity and money. Here are some tips and tricks on how to stay safe this tax season.

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A young woman enjoys the benefits of joining a credit union.>

10 Benefits of Joining a Credit Union

January 13, 2023

Credit unions are a great alternative to big banks because they provide personalized, local service and tend to offer lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings. Plus, credit unions offer all the other products and services you expect to get from a nationwide bank.

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A young African American couple reviews finances when determining how to pay for a wedding.>

How to Pay for a Wedding

November 21, 2022

There is no getting around it: weddings can be expensive. As a matter of fact, a wedding is one of the most expensive events you will face as a couple. Determining how to pay for a wedding can help the wedded bliss last past the honeymoon.

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personal loans>

Are Personal Loans Tax Deductible?

November 21, 2022

A personal loan is a good option when you need money in a relatively short amount of time. Personal loans can help you cover the cost of home repairs and renovations, pay for emergencies, consolidate high-interest debt, and much more!

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Buying a Car Out of State: Everything You Need to Know

September 28, 2022

Buying a car out of state is increasingly common as more and more people turn to online search tools and peer-to-peer selling networks to find a new vehicle.

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Woman in the driver's seat, holding up keys of the car she bought from a private seller.>

Tips for Buying a Car From a Private Seller

September 28, 2022

Buying a car from a private seller means you get to choose from a wide range of used vehicles that you might not find at the local dealership. You could potentially find unusual makes and models or even classic cars. You may also get a great deal!

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SM Hijacking Banner>

Social Media Hijacking: What it is & How To Stay Safe

August 5, 2022

Social media hijacking has dramatically increased due to cybercriminals. Find out what it is, why cybercriminals do it, and how you can stay safe.

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A young woman smiles as she discovers how to get a personal loan with no credit.>

How to Get a Personal Loan With No Credit

June 30, 2022

In life, certain large expenses can come your way from time to time. And when that happens, you may not always want to pay for those costs out of pocket. When these situations arise, it's often useful to be able to get a loan to help you cover those costs.

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after learning how to finance a rental property, a couple smiles from the deck of their new mountain cabin>

How to Finance a Rental Property

June 30, 2022

Owning rental property is a great way to build wealth. After making a down payment, you can use the monthly rental receipts to make the mortgage payments. After repaying the loan, you can then sell it for a large lump sum payment or continue to collect rent from it.

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a landlord is happy to rent to a responsible couple after learning all there is to know about buying a rental property>

What You Should Know Before Buying a Rental Property

March 29, 2022

Purchasing a rental property can be an incredibly smart financial decision to grow your wealth and assets

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a happy woman applies for a personal loan from her credit union from the comfort of her kitchen>

Why Get a Personal Loan From a Credit Union?

January 31, 2022

Personal loans are the ideal option for financing life’s unexpected events. There are many reasons why you may need to obtain a personal loan. From debt consolidation to financing a major life event, personal loans can help you get the funds you need – quickly.

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a woman reviews her finances and decides on a personal loan vs. credit card to pay for her upcoming expenses>

Personal Loan vs. Credit Card: Which Should You Use?

January 31, 2022

Personal loans and credit cards are both useful financial tools that offer convenient access to funds, but they work in slightly different ways. So how do you know which one is best to use in different situations?

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a first-time car buyer smiles from the driver's side window holding up her new car keys>

Auto Financing Guide for First-Time Car Buyers

December 8, 2021

Buying a car for the first time is one of life's most exciting steps. But as a first-time car buyer, maybe you're unsure about the best way to finance your purchase.

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A young man uses a computer to research personal loans vs. lines of credit.>

Personal Loans vs. Lines of Credit: Which Is Better?

December 8, 2021

When comparing a personal loan vs. line of credit, you may think there is little to no difference. Both offer you access to money, whether you need it for an emergency, a home improvement project, or to fund a major life event.

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a young man applying for a secured personal loan on his couch from his laptop>

What Is a Secured Personal Loan?

December 2, 2021

Maybe you're thinking: I know what a personal loan is, but what is a secured personal loan? Luckily, the answer is simple. The secured part means your lender uses your savings or certificate funds as collateral for your loan.

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The football stadium at Ohio University, home of the Bobcats>

8 Ways To Use Personal Loans in Athens, OH

December 2, 2021

As an Athens, OH resident, you might find yourself wanting or in need of a personal loan. It could be due to an emergency, a strategic financial move to consolidate debt, or because you want to finance a large purchase.

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A woman smiles in front of her car after deciding when to refinance her car loan>

When Should You Refinance Your Car Loan?

December 2, 2021

If you’re thinking about refinancing your car but not sure it’s worth it, you’re not alone. It may sound good in theory, but it’s a personal decision and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

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A young man makes a phone call about GAP insurance after a car accident>

What Is GAP Insurance + What Does It Cover?

December 2, 2021

GAP insurance is one of those things in life that you never hear about until you need it. If your car is wrecked or stolen, GAP – or Guaranteed Asset Protection – insurance can mean you walk away debt-free instead of owing money on your auto loan.

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credit score intervals displayed on a car's speedometer>

What Credit Score Do I Need To Buy a Car?

July 23, 2021

If you’re planning to finance a vehicle, but don’t have the best credit, you may be concerned about your chances of being approved. 

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a man signing car loan documents and receiving keys to his new vehicle>

4 Steps To Qualify for a Car Loan

July 20, 2021

If you’re looking to buy a car relatively soon, you may have started thinking about what the process of getting a car loan might look like. The process can seem confusing, but we’re here to demystify it. 

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signing documents with a notary photo>

Signed and Sealed: Notary Services

June 17, 2021

Have you ever needed to use notary services and wondered what a notary does? 

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auto loan interest photo>

How Is Your Auto Loan Interest Calculated?

June 15, 2021

If you have a car loan, you probably know that part of your monthly payment goes to interest.

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family on vacation graphic>

Secured vs Unsecured Loans

May 25, 2021

There are two different types of loans: secured loans and unsecured loans. Understanding the differences between the two and determining which is right for your situation is an important part of reaching your financial goals.

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purchasing a new car>

What are the Requirements for a Car Loan?

May 17, 2021

Do you need a new (or new-to-you) car? Unless you can pay for the vehicle entirely out-of-pocket, you will need to secure a car loan to drive away in a new ride.

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Finding a car and loan that makes you happy>

What Is The Average Car Loan Length?

May 6, 2021

If a new vehicle is in your plans, don’t get sucked into the excitement of the sale, agreeing to a loan length that might not be right for you.

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graduating student>

How Will I Manage to Send My Child to College?

May 5, 2021

Being able to send your child to college is near the top of the wish list for most parents. The best thing to do is to start saving as early as possible.

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help managing debt>

Managing Debt

July 7, 2020

Most people have to borrow money at some point, and many struggle to pay it back. But debt is a burden that doesn't have to break the bank.

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refinance home graphic>

Refinancing Your Home

March 26, 2020

You might be one of many Americans who could benefit from refinancing your home.

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buyer gets keys to new car with great auto loan rate>

Auto Loan Rates

February 21, 2020

You may have heard the saying, “It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.” We agree, and we want to help you on your car buying journey.

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a preapproval can save you time and money>

5 Reasons To Get A Car Loan Pre-Approval

February 19, 2020

There are many decisions you have to make when purchasing a vehicle. The size, color, make, and model of your car are all critical choices, as well as which dealership and financing to use.

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know your auto financing options>

Auto Loans - Know Your Financing Options

February 5, 2020

Whether you want a used or new auto loan, have no credit or bad credit, or need to refinance your vehicle, there are special financing options available.

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A father and his young daughter sitting behind the wheel of the new car he purchased after learning how to finance a car.>

What Does It Mean to Finance a Car

January 29, 2020

When you finance a car, you take out an auto loan and borrow money to cover some or all of the purchase price, plus fees. You pay interest on the money you borrow—but this is generally considered a good tradeoff.

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a buyer who chose new vs. used car at the dealership>

New vs. Used Car Loans [A Guide]

November 25, 2019

When you’re ready to purchase a vehicle, there are many factors to consider. Car or truck. Sedan or coupe. Black or silver. New or used. With so many decisions to make, you don’t want not knowing whether you should select a new vs. used car to hold up the process.

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young couple getting engaged>

How To Get A Personal Loan [Step-By-Step Guide]

November 12, 2019

Whether you need to fund an emergency, a once in a lifetime adventure, or a large purchase, there are many reasons why taking out a personal loan is a great option.

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happy couple smiling about getting the best personal loan rate>

Best Personal Loan Rates & What Influences Them

October 25, 2019

When qualifying for a personal loan, two things matter most - the amount you are eligible for and your interest rate.

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a happy couple is approved for best low-interest personal loan>

How to Qualify for Low Interest Personal Loans

October 16, 2019

Whether you need to pay for an emergency, a once in a lifetime opportunity, or home project, you want a low-interest rate. If you get stuck with a high rate, the amount that you pay back is higher than what you'd expect.

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lady on laptop graphic>

10 Reasons Why You Need a Small Personal Loan

September 18, 2019

There are many reasons to take out a personal loan. Unlike a car loan or a home loan, funds you receive can be earmarked to cover several types of expenses.  

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new car graphic>

New Car Financing Guide

September 10, 2019

You found it. Your dream car. Now you just have to figure out how to pay for it.

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couple looking at computer>

How To Get The Best Personal Loan

August 7, 2019

If you’ve never used a personal loan or it’s been a while, you’re in for a surprise: Today’s loans are not the one-size-fits-all options of the past. Now, you can get a personal loan to fit just about any financial need or situation. 

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A stylish couple looking at cars on a dealership lot after getting financing for a used car.>

Financing for a Used Car Loan

July 30, 2019

Many people choose to buy a used car because new cars are more expensive and tend to depreciate (or drop in value) much faster than used cars. Luckily, you can get an auto loan for both new and used vehicles.

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car finance options in Athens, OH>

Car Finance Options for Ohio University Staff & Students

July 1, 2019

Financing a vehicle is not a one size fits all process.
Depending on your specific needs and preferences, the car buying journey involves many variables and choices.

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car loan graphic>

Car Finance Resources

June 6, 2019

We’re here to make the process of financing a car as easy as possible. Whether you’re looking for user-friendly auto loan calculators to make estimating payments easier, or simply want auto finance tips from lending experts, you’ve come to the right place.

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car loan banner>

Car Loans: How Much You Can Get Approved For

May 15, 2019

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “how much car loan can I get approved for?” Knowing that information as you’re looking for the perfect vehicle is essential because it helps you narrow down your search.

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