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Skip a Pay Service

Unexpected expenses happen!
From doctor bills to car repairs, we know sometimes you need a little extra $. Skip a Pay allows you to skip your loan payment up to twice per year.

Qualifying Loan Types*

  • Auto
  • Signature
  • Share secured
  • Other secured loans

How Often Can I Skip?

  • Up to two payments per year, per loan
  • Limit 5 payments per total duration of loan

What's the Process?

  • Apply in online banking by selecting the three-line icon at the top left, then choose "Skip A Pay" 
  • There is a $35 processing fee


*Your loan account must be current, in good standing, and open at least 12 months. Offer valid on consumer installment loans only including auto, signature, share secured and other secured loans. Excludes real estate loans/lines, billing loans, credit cards, lines of credit, workout loans and already posted payments. Qualified loans are limited to two Skip-A-Pays per year and five per life of the loan. We must receive your request no later than seven business days before the date of the requested skipped payment. You understand that we will extend the due date of your regular payment by one month, for the month indicated above. Interest will continue to accrue on the entire loan balance, including the amount of the skipped payment and that skipping this payment means it will take longer to pay off the loan. Payroll deduction will not be interrupted. Any credit life and/or disability and GAP insurance on the loan will not extend beyond the original maturity date of the loan. OUCU reserves the right to refuse to honor this request if all terms of the disclosure statement and agreement have not been met