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It takes credit to get credit. Here you’ll find trusted advice and judgment-free financial guidance to help you understand how your credit score works and ways to help you maintain and improve your credit score over time.

What is a Credit Score?
•    Every credit score falls somewhere between 300 and 850. 
•    The higher the number, the better your credit history.
•    Your credit score is constantly changing.
•    If you don’t have a credit history, you’ll start at 300, not 0. 
•    A score of 670 or higher is considered “very good,” but the average score nationwide is around 700.


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If you are dealing with high credit card balances, you aren’t alone
The average American household has a balance of more than $6,000 in double-digit, high-interest credit card debt.

How much do you know about Credit?
Discover how much you already know about credit cards and credit history and learn how you can improve.

How Do I Build Credit?
Make sure you understand what you’re signing up for to avoid falling into overwhelming debt.

Repairing Credit
Not sure where to begin repairing a less-than-ideal credit score? In this Coach session, get ideas for repairing your credit score in the short- and long-term and create an actionable list.

Learn to Improve Your Credit Regardless of your Starting Point
Discuss how your budget and savings impacts your credit and how to handle common credit issues, then set your credit goals in this interactive eCourse.
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OUCU Resources 

SavvyMoney Credit Score and More
Staying on Top of Your Credit has Never Been Easier! Get FREE, unlimited access to your credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, financial tips, and personalized offers right in OUCU online and mobile banking without impacting your score!

Visa Credit Cards
Put the perfect card in your wallet. Visa Platinum Credit Cards with contactless pay sync with Google and Apple Pay and are easy to access right in online banking. Plus, you earn CU Rewards points for cash, travel, merchandise, gift cards, and OUCU discounts!

Personal Loans
Personal loans for the exciting, the unexpected, and everything in between. Upfront, competitive interest rates to meet all your personal financial needs and fast access to online loan applications because now is when you need it.

Line of Credit
Overdraft protection, debt consolidation, or home improvement, your line of credit replenishes as you repay.

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