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Credit Card Balance Transfer

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Use this form to transfer balances from other credit cards and loans to your OUCU Financial credit card. There is no cash advance fee to transfer. Interest will begin to accrue at the transfer date.

This is a secure site and your transmission will be encrypted.

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Information on Institution to be paid:

Pay-off balance must not exceed current credit limit.

I authorize OUCU to transfer my existing account balance to my OUCU Financial credit card account. Please allow 2-3 weeks for payment. There may be outstanding charges on your account and this advance may not pay off the total balance due. It is your responsibility to close out your credit card or loan at the above named institution if you wish to do so. (This will help you avoid any annual fee that is assessed to your account.)

This form must be faxed or mailed to us with your signature.


Signed: ____________________________________

Fax: 740.447.5209

Mailing address: OUCU Financial, Attn: Card Dept, 944 E State St., Athens, OH 45701

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