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Switch Accounts to OUCU

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Congratulations on making a great decision to join OUCU Financial!

We want to make switching from your old bank to OUCU easy.

Step 1:    Open your new OUCU checking and savings account

If you're not yet a member you can start your membership online.

Step 2:    Change or start your direct deposits

These could include your paycheck, government deposits, brokerage deposits, child support or other transfers. Just choose the letter you need:

Start a new direct deposit
Make a change to an existing direct deposit
Social Security deposit change
Ohio University payroll forms
Go Direct - for Social Security and other federal benefit payments

Step 3:    Change or start your automatic payments/withdrawals

These automatic payments might include your automatic debits to utility companies, phone, cable, trash, etc.

Start your automatic payment or withdrawal
Cancel automatic payment or withdrawal
Change existing automatic payment or withdrawal

Step 4:    Close your old bank account

Account Closing Form

Make sure all checks, debit card transactions, and scheduled bill payments have cleared your old checking account.

Helpful Utility Links

American Electric Power
Columbia Gas Ohio

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